Don't go out without your Lenscap on

? What is Lenscap?

Lenscap creates live, embeddable sets of Instagram™ media. Simply authorize Lenscap to access your account, specify a hashtag to filter by, specify the timeframe of the event, and get your embed code. All the photos or videos tagged with that hashtag during that timeframe will display in the embed.

See demos of Lenscap's output here and here.

1 Authorize Lenscap Authorize



1b. Access Dropbox Access

NOTE: Optional. If you do not specify a hashtag to filter by, Lenscap will display all your media, unfiltered.


NOTE: Optional, but highly recommended. If you do not specify a timeframe, Lenscap can only search and display your most recent media.

4 Customize Embed

5 Preview

6 Get Embed Code

NOTE: This collection is a live display that represents the contents of the query above. If new photos are posted or removed from Instagram™ during the timeframe specified, they will automatically be added or removed from the collection as well. Nifty, right?