Our Gurantee

Our Guarantee


Lens Cap Company does offer a lifetime warranty. For as long as you own the product, you are 100% insured against defects in material and workmanship. 

Please note, we do NOT provide a warranty against damage or any other defects/issues caused to your lenses while using or not using the Universal Lens Cap. Additionally, we will not replace lost or stolen Lens Cap Company Versatile Lens Caps.

If your lens breaks while using our product, we are not liable for your camera equipment, its repair/replacement, nor act as a financial insurance agency against potentially harmful issues to your camera equipment, especially your lenses. The Versatile Lens Cap is available to act as an aversion product to potentially harmful elements. That is all.

We strongly advise you seek out and invest in insurance for your gear just as any other professional would do in any other industry!